Comprehension Test

The Giving Tree Test:
1.  Who are the two main Characters?
a. Joe and Mary
b. The boy and the Tree
c. Bob and Sally
d. No one
2. Which four modes of writing is “The Giving Tree”?
a. Narrative
b. Descriptive
c. Expository
d. Persuasive
3. After a wile The Boy came back and needed money, what did he take from The Tree to make some money?
a. leaves
b. branches
c. apples
d. the trunk
4. After a long time, The Boy came to The Tree once again, and needed to build a house, what did The Tree give him?
a. Bark from the trunk
b. Other trees around her
c. A houe appeared out of know where
d. The branches from the Tree
5. What did he want to have a house for?
a. for shelter
b. to have parties
c.to have a wife and kid sometime
d. for him and his dog
6. After a very long time The Boy came back and asked The Tree for one more thing, what was it?
a. A miracle
b. Her trunk
c. To hide Him
d. Shade
7. What did he make from The Tree that he got from question 6?
a. A boat
b. A canoe
c. A dog house
d. A play house for his kid
8. Lastly What did he use the stump for?
a. A Stand for his models
b. To sit
c. To rest
d. Both B and C
e. Nothinig